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Who Is Moon Bear Jewels?

Moon Bear Jewels is: Christopher Beaver, Colleen Thompson & Ava Nelson.

We are three widely inspired Telluride, CO artists with vastly different styles. How does that work? It probably shouldn't, honestly. But here we are.

Christopher, the spiritual guru with his love of symbols and talismans, already very successful in his own right.

Ava, with her timeless, impeccable (and often brutally honest) taste and years of experience curating collections for boutiques.

Then there’s Colleen, a self-proclaimed dirtbag-hippie who fell in love with jewelry in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert.

It doesn't make sense.

Yet, Somehow around 2017 the three of us met in a jewelry class (taught by Christopher) and the rest is history. Colleen would go on to study metalsmithing, fall in love with fabrication and become the online face of Moon Bear Jewels. Ava would spend her days inspecting diamonds and wirewraping beads and reminding us that Flourite is UGLY. And Beaver would spend every waking moment staring at his bead table wondering… WHY.

From Colleen Thompson

There is something deeply personal about finding the perfect piece of jewelry. It is about how you feel - almost as though the piece chooses you. 

When we find that special pair of earrings or unique ring, it evokes a daydream. A vision of wearing it in your next chapter, or feeling empowered by your new treasure on an adventure.

In working with my hands, I can help people find their bravery, their strength, and what it is they're truly searching for, which is often, themselves.

Who is Christopher Beaver?

Christopher Beaver began designing jewelry at the ripe, tender age of 16. Thirty-two years later, he not only makes jewelry but has expanded his studies to healing therapy and teaching.

To this day you can almost always find Christopher in his studio, office, meditation room, and sacred space - maybe no surprise at all, but those are the same room, in his home.

As a matter of fact, he is there right now...

This is Ava Nelson

Ava has made a career out of her good taste and eye for design. She has traveled the world working as a buyer for boutiques. It was these experiences that sparked her fascination with jewelry.

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